Thursday, April 19, 2018

Brave (web browser)

How Philip K Dick redefined what it means to be (in)human

His story ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’, the basis for the Blade Runner films, is not just a story about realistic robots

Американська торговельна палата в Україні переконує бізнеси зі США вкладати в Україну. Інтерв’ю

Американська торговельна палата в Україні переконує бізнеси зі США вкладати в Україну. Інтерв’ю з президентом Американської торговельної палати в Україні Енді Гундером

China’s Belt and Road Initiative – A project of trade and diplomacy

European parliament adopts new organic farming rules

U.S ban on sales to ZTE triggers patriotic rhetoric in China

Ukraine's parliament backs appeal to Bartholomew to create independent UOC

President: Tomos of Autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will strengthen Ukraine's independence

President Petro Poroshenko is convinced that granting the Tomos of Autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the Ecumenical Patriarch will strengthen the independence of our state.
“The long-awaited Tomos will further strengthen religious freedom in Ukraine, strengthen inter-confessional peace, strengthen the rights and freedoms of citizens who will finally become united,” the Head of State said during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada.
"Such Tomos will strengthen our independence. It will erase the rudiments of the political project "Russian world" invented, by the way, by the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. Later, this dangerous political heresy for Ukraine was taken over by the authorities of the Russian Federation," he also emphasized.

U.S. Department of Stare: Holding Russia Accountable for Chemical Weapons Use in Salisbury, UK

Oxford University Press: EU law in 2018

At Oxford University Press, we are keenly aware of the importance of keeping an active eye on developments in EU law, and responding to the changing implications the relationship between the UK and EU has for the study of EU law. Jump to a section:
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This newsletter takes a look at whether and how teaching EU law at university will change, as well as highlighting our new publishing in the area.

Russian leaks reveal spin on MH17 disaster

Can I transport pot between states where it’s legal?

Why the Most Productive People Don’t Always Make the Best Managers

Pompeo’s visit suggests the Trump-Kim summit is on track. Here’s why Kim is ready to talk.

The ABC’s of Using Compliance Technology to Fight Bribery and Corruption


#DisinfoReview: When nothing is true and everything is possible

The last couple of weeks, we have seen two major campaigns unfold within the pro-Kremlin disinformation machinery: the disinformation surrounding the poisoning of the Skripals, where the number of narratives spread about it from pro-Kremlin sources is now 31 (!); and the massive campaign targeting the latest chemical attack in Syria.

The disinformation campaign focused on the Skripal case has many similarities with the disinformation rolled out immediately following the downing of the civilian flight MH17, whereas the campaign targeting Syria is a predictable repetition of previous campaigns discrediting the suffering of civilians in the country.  

We have already written about the actors behind and the narratives and tactics used in these virtual tsunamis of disinformation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Containers and Concessions (Chernomorsk Port)

Trade: European Commission proposes signature and conclusion of Japan and Singapore agreements

Microsoft, Cisco and 32 Other Companies Sign 'Cybersecurity Tech Accord' to Build Global Trust

2018′s not even half over yet, but companies have already seen a number of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks from private and government actors—and customers are noticing.
On Tuesday, 34 tech leaders took a public stance to protect consumers against such attacks, signing the first-ever “Cybersecurity Tech Accord.” The accord aims to increase tech users’ trust in innovating companies and increase inter-company collaboration, as stated in four principles outlined here:

Snap elections to be held on June 24: Erdoğan

Avakov signs cooperation memo between Ukrainian Interior Ministry, U.S. FBI

SBU warned Yanukovych twice of Russian invasion threat – declassified evidence

"In the report of January 15, 2013, the former president was informed that an interdepartmental group had been set up in Russia under the president aimed at political, humanitarian and economic support for the intervention in Ukraine. It was stated that it had been coordinated by the Russian Presidential Administration. The report also defined financial and industrial groups that will be involved in operations against Ukraine."

Volodymyr Groysman: Ownership right should be indefeasible

Ownership right should be inviolable and any attempts to embezzle another person's property will be suppressed. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced this, while commenting on the Government's decision to continue the work of anti-raiding headquarters established by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in synergy with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. At the time, this initiative was mainly aimed at solving problems in the field of land relations. However, this practice appeared to be efficient and according to the Head of Government, today, it can be extended to various spheres of life, where violations of legislation are recorded, in particular in the segment of protection of property rights.
The Prime Minister stressed those people who impinge upon someone’s rights should be brought to justice and urged to ensure quick respond to unlawful acts.

A Roadmap To Your Financial Security Through Saving and Investing

Sanctions Flap Erupts Into Open Conflict Between Haley and White House

Sanctions Flap Erupts Into Open Conflict Between Haley and White House

Poland urged to settle EU rule of law concerns next month

EU ponders new sanctions on Syria, Iran, Russia

Contract Corner: Is It Time for Form NDA Spring Cleaning?

5 Things To Think About Before Licensing Your Intellectual Property

AI in the law firm – Predictive analytics

Cryptocurrency and Cannabis: A Difficult Relationship

Washington Prohibits Nondisclosure Agreements Related to Sexual Harassment or Assault

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How to Make Sense of Cryptocurrency Valuations

Bitcoin is the largest and best-known cryptocurrency, but there are dozens of other major products and hundreds of minor ones, as well as cryptoassets and tokens. Yet there is no method or established tool that allows investors to analyze and value the assets that are being created seemingly every day.

San Diego County backs Trump challenge to California 'sanctuary' law

Kyiv court unlocks accounts of Yanukovych Jr's companies

Autocephaly for the Ukraine Orthodox Patriarchy a step closer?

President: Ukraine is closer than ever to the emergence of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church

President Petro Poroshenko held a meeting with faction leaders of the Parliament and urged them to support the Appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I on granting Tomos of Autocephaly to the Ukrainian church.
“I would like to ask you, colleagues people’s deputies, to support this Appeal. I would also like to address the people of Ukraine, because it is also up to you to decide - support the hierarchs, President, Parliament and get the Autocephalous Orthodox Ukrainian Church. I believe it will happen with God’s help,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The Art of the Handshake: How Trump’s Syria Alliance Came Together

Алексей Арестович - C Западом не удастся разговаривать с позиции силы / Politeka Online